Fighting Fraud

The Jernigan Law Firm is committed to fighting fraud. Leonard Jernigan is actively doing research and has given many presentations on employer fraud to audiences all over the country. For your convenience we have compiled a list of the Top Ten fraud cases for each year. Fraud of any kind in Workers’ Compensation cases should not be tolerated, but as the Top Ten lists below reveal, the overwhelming fraud in dollar amounts is done on the employer side of the fence. These corrupt employers drive up costs of the system for honest employers, and N.C. taxpayers have to pay for medical care and other benefits for workers not covered who get injured on the job.

If you suspect fraud, contact the N.C. Department of of Insurance at 800-546-5664…

Check out the Top Ten Fraud cases in the news for 2009-2014:

Top Ten Fraud Cases 2014

Top Ten Fraud Cases 2013

Top Ten Fraud Cases 2012

Top Ten Fraud Cases 2011

Top Ten Fraud Cases 2010

Top Ten Fraud Cases 2009