Need a new doctor?

Health focus: Looking for a new doctor?

If you are looking for a good doctor you can trust, the Information Age has generated many new services that can help you learn more about a doctor’s history and training.

If you want to confirm the credentials of your doctor contact the American Medical Association, which has put its file of 650,000 U.S. physicians on the World Wide Web (once there, follow links to “Physician Select”). If you are seeing a specialist, a doctor’s certification can be checked by phone. For medical doctors call 800-776-2378. For osteopathic doctors call 800-621-1773 ext. 7445.

Finally, you can also look for negative information on a doctor by looking at the “Questionable Doctors” volumes published by the Pub lic Citizen Health Research Group.

The volumes compile discipline reports from medical boards in all 50 states and also on a state by state basis. The complete volumes cost $250.00 and state reports $15.00 each. To order, call 800-410-8478


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